Borderless Windowed mode

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Borderless Windowed mode

Postby XJDHDR » 2018-6-24 @ 06:27

Are there any plans to add an option to render games inside a borderless window?

I have tried to have dgVoodoo run the game in windowed mode then use a borderless window script I wrote to remove the border but it doesn't seem to work for long. The script makes the game borderless for maybe 2 seconds or so but then it reverts into a non-borderless window.
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Re: Borderless Windowed mode

Postby ZellSF » 2018-6-24 @ 12:57

"Disable Alt-Enter to toggle screen state" needs to be either off or on (forgot which) for dgVoodoo2 to not do that...

I want a borderless fullscreen mode too, I currently use a similar workaround to play Emperor: Battle for Dune (which would have audio stutter when switching to cutscenes because of mode switch) and Outlaws (which just has too long transition time to cutscenes because of mode switch). Though I'm guessing you don't want it for smoother mode switches.
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Re: Borderless Windowed mode

Postby Dege » 2018-6-25 @ 08:05

Yes, I'd like to add 'Fake fullscreen' as an option. Though the drawback of fake fullscreen is the fact that feature of scaling the output on driver side is lost. Scaling would be done by the wrapper in all cases, meaning possible mouse issues, etc.
On the other hand, as a first step, it'd come handy for games (currently not working through dgVoodoo) that places child windows on top of the rendering window.
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