Watermark permanently on (Version 2.55.2)

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Watermark permanently on (Version 2.55.2)

Postby Winning117 » 2018-7-15 @ 03:17

If you go to the DirectX tab in dgVoodoo V.2.55.2 and uncheck "dgVoodoo Watermark" it will still appear in the game. Is there any way to fix this? The config file shows it as being false as well :c Thanks!
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Re: Watermark permanently on (Version 2.55.2)

Postby ZellSF » 2018-7-15 @ 10:10

  • There's a version mismatch between dgVoodoo2 DLLs and configuration files. Make sure to update everything.
  • The config file is somehow invalid, delete it and recreate it.
  • There's a local config file (dgvoodoo.conf in game directory) overriding and you're editing the global configuration file. Make sure you're editing the local configuration file if there is one.
  • You're editing the global configuration file, which is subject to compatibility shims. Run the game and dgVoodoo2 in the same compatibility mode.
  • The working directory of the game (unsure if this is where dgVoodoo2 looks for a config file) has been manually specified in the shortcut and dgVoodoo2 is not finding the local configuration file you're editing. Edit the global configuration file (or create a new local one).
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