MechCommander 2 and dgVoodoo 2.55 (a new report)

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MechCommander 2 and dgVoodoo 2.55 (a new report)

Postby xcomcmdr » 2019-1-22 @ 19:16


With dgVoodoo >= 2.55 the game start to run without using it's ugly software mode again. Yes ! Thank you, Dege !

The remaining problem however, is that the game cannot go fullscreen, and the window is at 640x480 no matter what.

It tries to resize the window to what I set (1024x768) it seems, but fails.

Alt-Enter adds or remove the window chrome that's all.

Unchecking "Application controlled fullscren/windowed state" and/or "Disable Alt-Enter" doesn't change that. Neither does scaling or resolution forcing.

Attached :
dgVoodoo debug report, and screenshot

Demo downloaded from :

I'm using the full French release of the game, with Safedisc removed. But the demo behaves the same way.

(I am aware of the freeware version, but it is English only and it doesn't support the game's video cutscenes).

If needed, I can attach the regular executable for the full game.

Test system :
Intel Core i7 6700K
NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 (drivers v417.35)
Windows 10 x64 1809
dgVoodoo2 v2.55.4

Some more tidbits (might not be really interesting, just some stuff I noticed) :
Also, with WineD3D 4.0 rc6-staging for Windows, the game doesn't start and says "no software rasterizer available".
*Only* dgVoodoo v2.55 works with it, and makes it decide not ot use software mode. That's already really good news !
Also, it doesn't import ddraw, but loads it dynamically. I'm not used to that.
The game's GPU perfs evaluation test throws errors on modern systems. But copying a 'sniff.dat' file from a working system (Windows XP for example) doesn't change anything. :/
debug log
(802.1 KiB) Downloaded 2 times
mc2 with dgVoodoo2 in fullscreen, but not fullscreen, mode
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Re: MechCommander 2 and dgVoodoo 2.55 (a new report)

Postby ZellSF » 2019-1-22 @ 23:56

Free version does the same thing, it's a compatibility problem with Nvidia drivers (newer versions of dgVoodoo just fall back to WARP, 2.54 did not).
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Re: MechCommander 2 and dgVoodoo 2.55 (a new report)

Postby xcomcmdr » 2019-1-23 @ 06:33

About the freeware version : I half-remembered that, but I wasn't so sure anymore. Thanks. :)

I guess that modyfing the game so it doesn't, ever, use software mode is a dead end, then ?

I though that the game had a bug, like if it didn"t detect the system specs properly and decided that it didn't had the minimum specs to run the game in hardware mode.

I think this problem was already reported to nvidia IIRC. Would reporting it again change anything ?

Anyway, I'm happy with WARP mode. It runs well with all the game's graphical settings set to their maximum. Of course, not so much at higher resolutions, but it's already way way better that the game's software mode.

The absence of a Fullscreen mode (or a larger window) is the only drawback so far. It makes the game difficult to read, but I don't know where the problem lies.

If it's with dgVoodoo, then I'm sure that Dege will fix it. Dege fixes everything.

Did I tell you that the latest WIP (in fact, since WIP 55 at least) fixes Dark Earth and it's 16 bpp "SetPalette" problems ("Fatal Error 8" error messages are gone !) ?
That's amazing. :D

Dege's work is phenomenal !
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