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I once had a Word document I couldn't send because it got caught by an antivirus scanner.

How did I solve it? I changed one byte in it in a hex editor. Then all of a sudden it wasn't a malicious file when it was obviously teeming with viruses before.

dr_st wrote on 2020-03-03, 08:39:

But there are probably things that are more likely to be triggered. Like, perhaps, non-standard compilers, etc.

Sure, but it's pretty secretive what detection methods antivirus use and it's not Dege's job to divine what those are.

I wonder what would happen if everyone who had problems with bad AV definitions would take that up with the people that write AV software rather than random developers of other software.

You shouldn't have AV software on your gaming computer anyway, because you shouldn't be handling sensitive information on your gaming computer. Yes I know that's often unrealistic.

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Stiletto wrote on 2020-03-02, 05:30:
willow wrote on 2020-02-29, 16:43:

If you use google and write dgvoodoo as key word, dege websites doesn't appear anymore. With qwant, it's the first answer.

Eh? Works fine here. https://www.google.com/search?q=dgvoodoo

yesterday, yes but not the other day.

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I've also had issues with AVs and various browsers reporting my utility as potentially malicious and one thing that basically solved it completely was signing it. It's really pain to get code signing certificate for some reasonable price, but it somehow persuaded all those security systems that my app is now safe.