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Hey 😀,
I am looking for help in regarding dgVoodoo digital signature and EAC.
Official International Ragnarok Online recently implemented EAC (EasyAntiCheat) and that's been blocking DDraw.dll in specific from loading.
The error by EAC is Untrusted system file ddraw.dll.
I contacted EAC support and what they instructed me to do is check the digital signature of the file with the error.
Here's the test result:

Verified:       Unsigned
Link date: 9:29 PM 12/24/2019
Publisher: n/a
Company: DΘgΘ
Description: dgVoodoo 2.63 - DirectDraw
Product: dgVoodoo
Prod version:
File version:
MachineType: 32-bit

In the email, they said if the file is Unsigned then the error will happen and per their email the way to fix it is have it signed by an official root certificate authority (GlobalSign, VeriSign, etc.).

Is there anything the developer can do about this issue? I couldn't find a post about EAC and the file on this forums.
Thanks for reading.

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You can use Let's Encrypt certificates but if it isn't an online game they should offer the ability to play the game without EAC but more than likely the devs of the game are too lazy to bother but they really should since EAC is yet another way of preventing the game from working which has happened to me numerous times and I don't give a crap about online games.

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