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https://blogs.vmware.com/workstation/2020/05/ … ion-tp20h2.html

DirectX 11 Support Provides support for DirectX 11 (Direct3D v11) and OpenGL 4.1 graphics capabilities in the guest operating sy […]
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DirectX 11 Support
Provides support for DirectX 11 (Direct3D v11) and OpenGL 4.1 graphics capabilities in the guest operating systems! Obviously DX11 is Windows guest only, but OpenGL 4.1 applies to Linux guests as well.
Hundreds of new games and applications can now run in Fusion and Workstation!
Increased Hardware Maximums: MONSTER VMS
Both Fusion and Workstation Tech Preview 20H2 support up to 32 processors and up to 128GB of RAM per virtual machine, as well as 4GB of shared graphics memory
Sandboxed Graphics Processes
We’ve dramatically enhanced virtual machine security by using a special non-root “sandbox” process for rendering 3d hardware assisted graphics. This further isolates the Guest VM operations from the Host, significantly reducing the viability of privilege escalation to the host.
To get started with DX11, VMware Tools needs to be upgraded, and the Virtual Hardware Compatibility version must be set to v18. Existing VMs can be upgraded by adjusting the virtual hardware compatibility while the VM is powered off. After power-on, you can then upgrade VMware tools as you normally would. With new VMs you may need to manually set the virtual hardware version to v18 before installing, so double check.

Committed to our users, we’ve been working hard on this feature for many years, and so we welcome your feedback!

Let us know your experience! Does your favourite game work? Glitchy? Looks perfect? Help us improve by sharing in our Workstation Tech Preview Community Forum!

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robertmo wrote on 2020-05-24, 07:49:

if anyone is bored:
vista 32bit + dgvoodoo2 😀

On VMware? Any surprises when you try that?

It's been a while, but at some point, VMware Tools update broke OpenGL on VMware on Windows Vista because the DLL implementing OpenGL started depending on a function that only exists in Windows 7+.

Unless someone reported it and was fixed by now.

Yeah, it wasn't a DX issue, but since it's Vista that almost nobody cares about...

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