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dgVoodoo successfully injects DX6 with proper ubi.ini settings/GXSetup, but causes more FPS dips than dxWrapper (DX6) which is also not completely deprived of them, though.

nGlide works the best with this game, but cannot be used with newly released complete texture mod, because of Glide API texture size limitation:
So dgVoodoo with ddraw.dll is the only option in this case.

Is there any chance to fix framerate in this game with DX6 mode in even distant future?
Do you recommend any specific dgVoodoo version for this game to get more performance?

It's pretty schematic. There is only 30 or 60 FPS in this game using DX6. Nothing between. More often 30 FPS.
Lot of people complain about it. The same is with DXwrapper.
No matter if it's with or without texture mod.

dgVoodoo Glide wrapper performance is also not so good by the way.

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This is an issue with all Ubisoft games using the same engine as Rayman 2. I get the same alternating 30/60 fpsfor example in Donald Duck Going Quackers too. Even Rayman3 which is DX8 is affected but I'm not sure if that's the same timing problem.

The point is, the game renderer always waits for the vertical blank period before presenting the current frame. Shouldn't do that at all, not needed since the presentation itself is done with vsync.
Reported vertical blank status may not be in sync with the real vsync (especially when running in windowed mode, unlike with the real hw back in the days) so the renderer may miss every other frame bacuse of the superfluous waiting, resulting in 30 fps.

Anyway, I remember that I cut waiting loops from the game renderer code (I've just tested it quickly again) and it runs at constant 60 fps both though Glide and DX6.

dgVoodoo Glide wrapper performance is also not so good by the way.

Shouldn't be, this isn't a demanding game at all, especially for 60 fps.

Maybe nGlide produces more accurate vsync info. I wanted to give it a try for my curiosity but I only got a blank screen for some reason.

Edit: Try the attached renderer files, Rayman 2 works perfectly for me with them.

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I'm shocked.
Now it works in 60 FPS - with tex mod and even my demanding Reshade preset.

I'd like to thank you in the name of our still living Rayman modding community. That's really great thing.

I spread it out among more people.

In case of nGlide, you can try to test 2.00 version.
I know that there were some issues with Vulkan renderer set in its configurator.
But it works perfectly with dgVoodoo now, so don't bother.

Rayman 3 is free of FPS issues at least when it's used with d3d8to9. It's enough to download "Better Rayman" as it contains that, and few more fixes.

Best regards

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I have positive feedback from users on other GPUs, and it works in 60 FPS unless run from our Rayman Control Panel app, which is not necessary. Success.

It's also worth to say that Glide is the only version where problems with seems between textures don't occur. It's not very frequent, but happens in some areas.

In DX6 it looks like this:
In Glide it looks like this:

Probably something's wrong with filtering, or maybe incorrect alpha. It occurs with and without tex mod.

But it's just FYI.

Once more, thanks a lot for the fix. It's gonna be fun playing the game again.