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I spoke with a friend who has 9500 GT 1GB and Windows 10 1909.

He has a problem presented below:

Small window, low FPS, no custom resolutions to pick in:
No matter what he chooses, the game is not in fullscreen, works in low FPS despite using DLL patch from neibouring thread.
ubi.ini has 1920x1080 and DX6 picked.

DXwrapper from here works correctly, but sadly in 30 FPS most of the time (even with the patch) (weak GPU?) and I forced him to use nGlide, and it works in stable 60 FPS.
https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Rayman_2:_T … llscreen_fix.29
Don't know how it performs with Glide dgVoodoo and dll patch, though.

Game without tex mod and Reshade of course.

I know, the GPU is trash and probably the only culprit here, but I'll better leave it as a report.

Edit. Resolutions are shown properly in Control Panel in version 2.55.3
After he chose his native 1920x1080, the game started to work in full screen. Performance seems to be fine.
The problem occurs both in current 2.64, and in 2.63.1.

@down thank you so much

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It runs on the softwar rasterizer which isn't tied to any display output, that's why no fullscreen and pre-enumerated resolutions.

9500 GT is a DX10.0-level GPU. Actually there is a bug in dgVoodoo: if DX10.0 is the only available feature level then 'Best available' output-API won't choose the hw 10.0 device but the WARP rasterizer (which is FL 10.1).
Thx for the report, I can reproduce it if I limit the available feature levels in dev DX control panel to 10.0, and already fixed it.

If your friend selects 'Direct3D 11 (feature level 10.0)' explicitly in the output-API combobox then it (2.64) should work as expected.
BTW, I don't recommend dgVoodoo Glide for this GPU, it'll have terrible performance (DX should be okay).