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I encountered a very unique issue today! I was helping someone troubleshoot a game, Phantasy Star Universe, and the problem ultimately ended up being that the game was incapable of enumerating greater than 32 threads (it's their workstation and they use a Ryzen 3970x). After a good bit of googling, I've been unable to find a good solution for this (other than physically disabling cores/SMT, which of course does solve the problem). Setting affinity does not work either, so I believe the only solution is to make the game think there are less physical threads. I imagine this is a problem that other games will have as well and there just aren't enough people with absurdly powerful CPUs to unearth them yet.

So, if it's possible for dgvoodoo to also spoof a CPU, that would be a great workaround.

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Can't you set HT on/off in the motherboard BIOS?

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dgVoodoo isn't a general compatibility tool. It's a DirectDraw/Direct3D wrapper.

If it was a general compatibility tool there's a mile long list of things that are more important than supporting 64-thread CPUs.