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Hallo Zusammen.

Ich versuche das Kultspiel Frontschweine auf meinem Rechner zum laufen zu bringen.
Seitdem ich dgVoodoo nutze läuft das Spiel, vorher bin ich nicht mal durch das Hauptmenü durch gekommen.
Allerdings habe ich auf den Spielkarten Streifen ohne Boden Drauf (siehe Bild)
Da ich mich mit dem Programm dgVoodoo und den Hintergründen nicht soooooo gut auskenne hier die Frage an euch.
Könnt ihr mir helfen?
Im Anhang habe ich ein paar Bilder mit gesendet.

Danke euch jetzt schon mal.


Hello everybody.

I'm trying to get the cult game Frontschweine (hogs of war) to run on my computer.
Since I've been using dgVoodoo, the game has been running, before I couldn't even get through the main menu.
However, I have stripes without a bottom on the playing cards (see picture)
Since I am not very familiar with the dgVoodoo program and the backgrounds, this is the question for you.
Can you help me?
I have sent a few pictures in the attachment.

Thank you already now.


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Dege wrote on 2020-11-06, 17:20:

It's a known issue with this game. I didn't yet solve the problem but I'll give it a go again.

Ok super that's very nice. Many thanks.
If you need the game data, just send me a short message. I would make this available to you if you want it. Many thanks.

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Dege wrote on 2020-11-07, 14:34:

I can't try it now but there seem to be a complete patch for this game, not only the graphics is glitchy but it suffers from music and FPS issues.

Search for 'Hogs of war windows 10 patch'.

So I tried this patch, nothing works anymore if it is activated.
Thank you

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Indeed, that patch doesn't work for me either...

I managed to find out the root of the graphics glitch problem however.
This game has an interesting compatibility problem which implies that the last OS version it runs on, without problem, is Win7 (and indeed, I tried it and it worked natively).
I did the needed patching, try the one attached.