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Recwar (1996) is mini game from my childhood.
I have difficult to run it via dgvoodoo.
Dont know which graphic structure game using.
Game dont response to glide files, but when I put in 'MS' files , get error "DirectDraw cannot be initialized"
I'm not sure this old game is based on directX, maybe its need extra files to run.
I would be grateful if somebody could check what its need to properly working
Its weight only 1,79MB. There is link to download: http://www.acid-play.com/download/recwar

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Its works, game starting on it without error, but is unplayable. DDrawCompat causing slideshow (1FPS)
Its DDraw log:


ad4c 23:48:52.272 Process path: C:\Users\Joanna\Desktop\recwar\RecWar.exe
ad4c 23:48:52.272 Environment variable __COMPAT_LAYER = ""
ad4c 23:48:52.272 Loading DDrawCompat dynamically from C:\Users\Joanna\Desktop\recwar\DDraw.dll
ad4c 23:48:52.273 DDrawCompat loaded successfully
ad4c 23:48:52.273 Installing display mode hooks
ad4c 23:48:52.274 Installing registry hooks
ad4c 23:48:52.274 Installing Direct3D driver hooks
ad4c 23:48:52.274 Installing Win32 hooks
ad4c 23:48:52.366 Hooking user mode display driver: igdumd32.dll
ad4c 23:48:53.606 Dynamic vertex buffers are not available
ad4c 23:48:53.607 Dynamic index buffers are not available
ad4c 23:48:53.656 Installing DirectDraw hooks
ad4c 23:48:53.686 Installing Direct3D hooks
ad4c 23:48:53.719 Installing GDI hooks
ad4c 23:48:53.768 Finished installing hooks

Game was programming on DelphiX

DelphiX is small library for programming under Delphi with DirectX created Mr. Hiroyuki Hori in Japan. Contain 12 components and […]
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DelphiX is small library for programming under Delphi with DirectX created Mr. Hiroyuki Hori in Japan. Contain 12 components and DirectX 7 headers.

Library revided up to JEDI official DirectX headers and named as unDelphiX.

In 2004 library revided (new compilation DirectX.pas headers) and added hardware acceleration. Old code can be recompilled with small changes, but run quickly. New home for this library is here [1], last version is 1.14. Pack all-in-one contains full library source, DirectX headers and many examples. Added new installator program for installation into Delphi 4 5, 6, 7, 2005, 2006 and 2007 too and all unicode versions (2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6 and XE7). Delphi 3, 4 are unsupported now.

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This game works for me through dgVoodoo albeit only in forced windowed mode, because the game renders into a big child window and child windows cannot be put into fullscreen with DXGI.
At startup I get the error dialog, coming from a catched exception but it's not DirectX-related. Some buttons appear empty, without icon or text (I guess the exception has sg to do with that) but then the gameplay can be started and seems to run fine.