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As a follow-up to all the various "broken shadows in Advent Rising" threads, recently a fairly-popular YouTuber put a spotlight on the game (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUk3_3eBD_M), also noting the broken shadows and how they, supposedly, only work properly on a specific ATi GPU. What I haven't found in any of the threads is something mentioned in the video: both the Steam and, as of this month, GOG releases use the Advent Revising patch (http://www.miketyndall.com/setz/Advent%20Revising/), which fixes bugs, adds widescreen support and a FoV slider, and does a lot of fixes to the videos.

As I happen to own a copy of the Steam version of Advent Rising, I can attest that no fiddling with dgVoodoo2 2.74's GPU type or other settings enables full shadows - even with the setting enabled via the game's launcher. Also, looking at the latest "Essentials" pack for Advent Revising, which contains the same system fixes as the more complete versions of the patch, these are the files which get modified:

Advent Revising_systemchanges.jpg
Advent Revising_systemchanges.jpg
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As such, might it be possible to take a closer look at precisely what's going wrong with Advent Rising? Would be cool to get dynamic shadows back like dgVoodoo2 currently re-enables OG Splinter Cell's shadows.

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There was a thread about broken shadows:

Advent Rising - Missing shadows

I did a fix for that but we came to the conclusion that it's only partial and shouldn't work like that.
I still have no clue how shadows in the original pc version of the game is supposed to appear.