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Caesar 3 / Pharao and Queen of the Nile Cleopatra has only Blackscreen for me.

(i will try other building sims from sierra aswell like Zeus and Emperor but i guess that this will not work aswell. (same engine i guess)

EDIT: Like i thought no game of al those Sierra Building Sims work.

Using DDraw Compat for now that can scale this games and make them work right.

Would Prefer DG Voodoo cause of Recording compatibilitys and more features.

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I can only patch this game because it queries the desktop width/height or the window client rect size to calculate the parameters of certain blitting and mouse operations, which is of course useless if the screen is not in the expected resolution like with dgVoodoo.

So, for Pharaoh and Cleopatra, search for the byte pattern below in Pharaoh.exe:

74 21 8B 35 A0 F1 56 00 6A 01 FF D6 50 6A 00 FF D6 50

and change it to

33 C0 8D 80 A0 F1 56 00 05 F8 9B 8C 00 FF 30 FF 70 04

Unfortunately it won't work for other games with this engine.