Best driver for XP

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Best driver for XP

Postby weldum » 2017-6-19 @ 16:10

Hi, I have some computers running XP that have Nvidia video cards.

I've read in one older post and seen in Phil's videos that Detonator 45.23 is a safe bet for windows 9x users but, what's the best driver for XP?

The cards are these:

Geforce2 MX400
Geforce4 MX4000

running 9x is not an option, due to some software that needs to run on XP. But in some lan parties (I host some) these computers have been lagging around with the latest driver from nvidia, these are very poor in performance and quality is very low, with lots of glitches onscreen (in 45.23 doesn't happens).
I've compared to an old duron 850 with an SiS 315 dedicated (not integrated) and that computer gets more fps than the others in Half-Life. How that is even possible?

With more than 15 computers, my room looks like a computer store :lol:
I believe that I like to write a lot of irrelevant content in my posts :happy:
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