Burned CD Games Still Asking for CD

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Burned CD Games Still Asking for CD

Postby fsmith2003 » 2017-10-10 @ 18:23

I have made a few backups of my older Windows 95/98 games. There a a few of them that even though I have the burned disk of the game in the system it still ask me to place the CD in the drive to play the game. Are there specific steps to burn a game where it is recognized as the actual disk? There a few games that have done this for me: Moto Racer, System Shock 2, Age of Empires 2, Turok. Just wondering if there was something I was missing in getting these to work. Thanks!
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Re: Burned CD Games Still Asking for CD

Postby DosFreak » 2017-10-10 @ 18:26

heh. You thought you made a backup but you didn't.

The issue is probably safedisc or securom copy protection.
It's easier to create an image of a copy protected CD and then use Daemon Tools than it is to burn it back and expect it to work. You're better off hunting down the cracks (Don't ask for those here) but I'm sure someone will suggest re-buying from Steam,GOG,etc what you already bought and would work perfectly fine without the copy protection.
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Re: Burned CD Games Still Asking for CD

Postby sf78 » 2017-10-11 @ 14:18

I don't think Safedisc or Securom were around when those games were released. You might try using CDburnerXP and lowering the burning speed to 4x to see if it makes any difference. I've made backups of some of my 90's CD games that seemed to be getting scratchier every year and never had a problem like that.
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Re: Burned CD Games Still Asking for CD

Postby ElectroMan » 2017-10-11 @ 15:05

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Re: Burned CD Games Still Asking for CD

Postby skitters » 2017-10-11 @ 18:34

I found this info at a website that has NoCDs available for download:

Moto Racer - CD-Checks
System Shock 2 - SafeDisc
Age of Empires 2 - SafeDisc (v1.50.020)
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter - CD-Checks

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a direct link to the website with the information, but you can find it with Google by searching for the name of the game and NoCD (for example - Moto Racer NoCD )

The following dates are from Mobygames
Moto Racer 1997
System Shock 2 1999
Age of Empires 2 1999
Turok 1997

The versions of SafeDisc used in such old games won't have much in common with the more invasive modern disc-based versions of SafeDisc that install filter drivers and who knows what else and leave that junk behind even after you uninstall the game.

"CD-Checks" could be a number of things, including checking the CD for the presence of Redbook audio files. There was a utility called "un-CDcheck" that could remove certain types of CD-Checks. I don't know if it would work for Moto Racer or Turok, but those games already have NoCDs available. The un-CDcheck utility might be more useful for games where there is no NoCD available.

For 1990's games it's probably possible to make a 1:1 copy that won't give that "put CD in drive" error -- provided your CD writer is good enough. Programs like CloneCD and Alcohol used to have an "approved" list for which CD writers worked best -- something to do with being able to read and write subchannel data or supporting "RAW".

Another strategy was to use a NoCD and modify the CD image by replacing the original game exe with the NoCD version of the exe (that has the disc check removed) before burning the CD image to CDR. You'd need software that allows modification of CD images for that.

Try Googling
Backup Protected Game CDs
for more tips.
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Re: Burned CD Games Still Asking for CD

Postby fsmith2003 » 2017-10-11 @ 19:45

Great information skitters! I will definitely look into all that. I've not had any luck finding a Turok noCD exe that will work for the version I have for some reason. Same with Moto Racer. But I was able to get System Shock 2 and AOE2 to work.
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Re: Burned CD Games Still Asking for CD

Postby Jade Falcon » 2017-10-12 @ 01:36

DD might work for making an iso file as well with out tigering the copy protection.
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Re: Burned CD Games Still Asking for CD

Postby chinny22 » 2017-10-12 @ 15:55

Personally I've always liked No-CD cracks after my original C&C was scratched beyond repair.
Back then I made a 2nd copy of a game and included the NoCD on the actual CD, with the original only for making copes.

These days with loads of HDD space, I mostly use a virtual CD but still need to crack the game sometimes as it'll still fail like your burnt CD's
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