Adventures in OS/2

Getting old software/games running on older hardware.

Adventures in OS/2

Postby andrewreader » 2018-10-09 @ 19:36

Just a quick adventure on my Pentium 200 MMX in installing either OS/2 Version 3 or Version 4.

It was meant to be the totally cool way to run my computer. It didn't work.

I will try on another one of my retro PCs.
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Re: Adventures in OS/2

Postby realoldguy23 » 2018-10-11 @ 12:01

And did you contact your Service Representative? What did he say? ;) SCNR

But seriously, OS/2 should still have quite big fan base. They surely have forums like this where they could help you.
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Re: Adventures in OS/2

Postby root42 » 2018-10-11 @ 13:00

I think I will try out OS/2 1.3 at some point on my 286. never used such an old version. Really wonderinf what it can do. :)

I used Warp 3 quite some time as a mainstay operating system in the mid 90s. It was really, really nice.
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Re: Adventures in OS/2

Postby oeuvre » 2018-10-12 @ 13:13

Recently setup OS/2 Warp 4 in 86box... was a bit of a pain but got everything working. I find the interface to be quite clunky to use and don't really enjoy it that much.
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Re: Adventures in OS/2

Postby andrewreader » 2018-10-12 @ 20:13

I think my service representative died back in '96.

Stubbornly, I want to get it working.

Back in the old days, I had a Dell P90. I remember my Dad bringing home a copy of OS/2 Warp. At this point in time, I think they were giving it away.

The lure was having a rock solid OS, that freed up all the conventional memory, could run Dos games and do internet stuff.

I installed and it didn't like the 'Hawkeye' video card. So the colour palette was limited.

At the time, I didn't know how to get back to Dos and Windows 3.11, so my Dad had to take the unit to his work for them to sort.

I will update when I can.
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