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this is my list of 60 old soccer-games, 1A DOSBox fodder. I truly don't like soccer at all, but the games have little to do with the real thing. They represent about 10 years evolution of the genre, and some are quite cool (e.g. PC-FUTBOL or everything from New Era). Others are lame or just strange (like POL-GOL!). The list can easily be imported to some spreadsheet, 4 columns separated by semicolon:

Name;Developer or Publisher;Year;My notes in/for DFend (if any)

4 Soccer Simulations;Code Masters;1988;
Action Soccer;UBI Soft;1995;Comix
Actua Soccer Club Edition;Gremlin Interactive;1997;
Club Football - The Manager;Diverse;1994;C-Animations
DDM Soccer '96;Digital Dreams Multimedia;1996;Neat, if mouse hangs = click right, CPU vs. CPU
Emilio Butragueño Fútbol;Ocean;1989;Version PC por 6 Marcos(?)
Empire Soccer;Empire;1994;Autoplay
England Football Championship Special;Diverse;1991;
Euro Soccer;Flair Software;1992;sb1 220 5 1, lame dumbos
European Champions;Ocean;1994;lame
European Championship 1992;Elite;1992;with cheerleaders
FIFA 96;Electronic Arts;1995;17MB-Mini-RIP = no sound
FIFA 97;Electronic Arts;1996;22MB
FIFA International Soccer;Electronic Arts;1994;CPU 386_prefetch
Five-A-Side Indoor Soccer;Mastertronic;1986;
Football Glory;Diverse;1995;Good, autoplay
Gazza II;Empire;1992;Settings = del Gazza2.cfg, Ball, Referee = Go
Goal;New Era Software;1991;
Goal 2;New Era Software;1993;
Goal 94;New Era Software;1994;ASCII
Goal!;Virgin Interactive;1991;Autoplay! (Joystick?), by DinoDini = KickOff
International Soccer Challenge;Zeppelin Games;1994;A Y , . -no autoplay
Kick Off 2;Anco;1990;Q-A, Y-X, C=Return
Kick Off 3 - European Challenge;Anco;1994;Mount with Joystick!
Kick Off 96;Anco;1996;SB16 & 7
Major Indoor Soccer League;Mindscape;1988;
Manchester United - The Double;Krisalis;1994;
Manchester United - The Official Game;Krisalis;1990;B
Manchester United PLC;Krisalis;1992;
Match Of The Day;Zeppelin Games;1994;? aka 'Liverpool'
Michel Futbol Master Super Skills;Dinamic Multimedia;1989;Skills.bat' = run setup
MicroLeague Action Sports Soccer;Krisalis;1992;Aka Krisalis 'Manchester United Europe' & 'Action Sports Soccer'
Microprose Pro Soccer;MicroProse;1989;
Mundial de Futbol;Opera Soft;1992;Demo-mode
One Nil Soccer Manager;New Era Software;1992;ASCII
PC FUTBOL;Dinamic Multimedia;1993;
PC FUTBOL 4.0;Dinamic Multimedia;1995;
PC Gol;Digital Dreams Multimedia;1993;Autoplay
Planet Football 94;Infogrames;1994;Cpu vs. Cpu
POL-GOL!;Diverse;1996;Polska! Kalender, OK OK OK OK
Sensible Soccer;Sensible Software;1992;V1.1 aka 'European Champions Edition 92-93'
Sensible Soccer - International Edition;Sensible Software;1994;V1.2, engine same as V1.1
Sensible World of Soccer '95-96;Sensible Software;1995;V1.0
Sensible World of Soccer '96-97;Sensible Software;1996;40MB, V2.0
Soccer Superstars;Flair Software;1994;
Street Sports Soccer;Epyx;1988;CGA, simple, trashy
Striker;Rage Software;1993;
Striker '95;Rage Software;1995;Autoplay, fast
Superstar Soccer;Mindscape;1988;RShift=Return, UP, DOWN, Autoplay, only CGA
The Soccer Game;New Era Software;1989;ASCII, Textmatch
The Soccer Game 2;New Era Software;1990;ASCII, Textmatch
UEFA Euro '96 England;Gremlin Interactive;1996;like Actua 97
Ultimate Soccer Manager;Sierra;1994;Field - Formation - Start
Ultimate Soccer Manager 2;Sierra;1996;
USA Soccer '94;Digital Dreams Multimedia;1994;
VR Soccer 96;Gremlin Interactive;1996;
World Championship Soccer;Elite;1991;
World Class Soccer;US Gold;1990;A-Space-A-Space-A... Trash
World Cup '90 Soccer;NovoTrade;1989;
World Cup USA 94;US Gold;1994;Dog-mascot, CPU vs. CPU, TAB = Return

I left out big ones that were distributed on CD, or which run on Win95, too (like younger FIFAs or Kick-Off). Also, i did'nt consider most of the boring "managers" which have no animations of the matches.

Questions: Are there more DOSes? There are tons of soccer-games for C64, Amiga, Sega, Sinclair etc., but i did'nt find a single one for Win 3.1 Can that be? Maybe there is some (pseudo-) Win95-soccer that runs under Win 3.1, too?

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Win3.1 didn't have years of a decent accelerated graphics API so commercial action games are something of a rarity (and the ones that were, are REALLY late 95-96 titles on Win32s or WinG)

by the way, DOSBox is not for running Windows 9x

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WinG was the predecessor of DirectX, and Win3.1 had quite a few hardware-accelerated games using WinG starting from 1994 (of which many are thought to be Win95 titles, but aren't). However, I can't remember any soccer game.


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OK, no chance i believe this. The first soccer game i had was on cartridge, delivered with my C64. Copyright 1982! There are lots of pre 1990 DOSes etc., and not a single one for the superb-brand-new-everybody-must-have-Win-3.1 ? No way.

Here's the ultimate challenge for all web-crawlers:

Find a - just one! - soccer game for native = 16bit Win3.1

Award! The first one to post a verifiable(!) Win 3.1 soccer game info gets a smiley of his / her choice!

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Something important you seem to neglect: win3x coexisted with dos. At that time all serious action games were still dos games. No one would publish a native-but-terrible windows 3.x football game that would have to compete with the best and unmatched dos football games of the time. Unless you count obscure creations from teenager bedroom programmers, then yes something might exist, probably uses the mouse as a controller and the window cannot be resized. So I'll pass and let the smiley prize for the next in line.

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No, i don't agree. I was in computing when Win 3.1 cam out. *Everybody* was keen to get games or whatever software, because it was so fresh and new and colourful and clickediclick etc. My friends and i shared *every* single disk, i bought *every* obscure shareware-mag available. There was no co-existance of Win and DOS, only there was no new stuff for Win. When Win 3.1 became popular, DOS was dead- or should have been. It only survived for some time (+/-1997) because there were no good games for Win 3.1. I still think this is odd, there's a 3-years gap between DOS and Win95.

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Why don't split that list? Most games are "soccer simulators", while PC Futbol is a "soccer manager" game (although you can play soccer matches). I wonder why there aren't more games like "football manager"... it seems like they forgot the genre when 8 bit computers disappeared.

BTW There were versions of PC Futbol almost every year from 1993 to 2001 (and some spinoffs like PC Calcio and PC Barça), but I don't know which one was the last that worked in MS-DOS.

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Hello! Pure managers, where you have to type 1.000 results and watch statistics, are the most boring thing in the world. There have to be animations, i like watching the little manikins (this word comes directly from my dictionary, which does'nt offer a translation for "Mainzelmännchen", it should mean "small, neat puppets") run around on auto-play and guess what they decide to do next...

There are a few animated for the ZX = KickOff, MatchDay ... look almost the same as on C64 (many more). The SEGAs are classes better = faster CPU. You are right, PC Futbol is a goody - because of the animations. If you want to see a really cool one try "Goal" or "One Nil" from NewEra. The matches are animated in ASCII, absolutely great! ... Today there is only FIFA left, superb graphics, but you also need a superb computer to run it...

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