Any good Windows 3.1 games?

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Re: Any good Windows 3.1 games?

Postby red_avatar » 2019-1-08 @ 12:15

chyron wrote:

Deadlock:Planetary Conquest was not bad as 4x TBSes of time went - somehow Civ2 didn't took off for me (only Civ1) but this thing did. IIRC req. WinG but not Win32s.

I got Deadlock as a game in one of those "30 in 1" packs halfway the 90's. I bought every issue of PC Gamer (UK) but that one I never got (got lost in the mail) so I had no idea if it was any good so when I tried it, I had no preconceptions and fell completely in love with it. Its clean interface combined with wide tactics made it very addictive.
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