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my installation is on my primary desktop it has 2x4 gb ram ddr 3 memory modules. with 512 mb i can start installation till finish for himemx i rename it as himem.exe put it in windows folder and in config.sys i type DEVICE=C:\windows\himem.exe /max=785000 /NUMHANDLES=64 /verbose. for quake 4 beter perfomance fps but maybe its my imagination i use as gpu a gainward geforce 6800 gs 512mb pci-e i have a detailed instructions on how i install in page 4

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You could probably squeeze some extra performance by installing the Quake 4 onto the extra ram you got above 768MB as a large Ramdrive reserve. I'm assuming you are running off a hard drive for Q4. A lot of times I ran DOS and 98 games off a small Ramdrive.