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I installed Lubuntu 10.04 on Presario 1800 laptop with COM port and WiFi card.

I have other machine with COM port (DOS and WIN98) which I would like to connect to the internet (i know that I can do it with an ethernet card, I'm just experimenting).

I connected the computers with a null-modem cable (it works fine for file transfers with other utilities).
I tried various combination of pppd command on the Linux machine, one example:

pppd ttyS0 9600 passive silent local lock mtu 576 netmask proxyarp

then I booted into DOS mode on the other machine and used epppd.exe program:

epppd.exe com1 9600 local

and I always get this response: PPP link is down, driver not installed.

I have seen descriptions of that method in various places, but I can't get it to work. Does anyone have any idea how to set this kind of connection correctly?