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even though I'm finishing the game I decided to come, register and ask about an issue.

I already searched about this in all the net, and no one looks like has this problem.

I'm playing it on Windows 2000, as subject says. Theoretically should work fine in this Windows version, but does not run smooth.

Of course, I installed the trupdate from tombraiderchronicles.com, otherwise doesn't run correctly.

The problem is that the game runs smooth for a short period of time. After some minutes playing it, it starts slowing down to about 15 fps, or even less as playing time passes.

I noticed that this might be related to the ZBuffer. Why? Because if I set, from in-game settings, the ZBuffer Off, and then On again, the game "resets" and then runs smooth again (smooth means 30 fps as this games is topped to that framerate).

It looks like the buffer gets filled and doesn't update correctly until I do that.

Also, I found with "Dependency Walker" that I have a missing function that might have sense to be the problem (even though Windows 2000 should be ok to run this game). The D3DIM.dll doesn't have the function D3DTextureUpdate, which, for me, has sense, to be the problem. Directx is already updated to 9.0c.

I tried dgVoodoo directx wrapper, but when I place the dlls wrapper in the game folder, it just crashes and doesn't run. The culprit here looks like ddraw.dll. So, no options here. I don't know if the developer of dgvoodoo would be interested in make it compatible to Windows 2000 😒

Anyway, after what I told. Do you have any idea of any patch, update, fix, whatever I can use to run it smooth?

Thanks for the replies 😀