what crative software to install to 486DX2/Win311 ?

Getting old software/games running on older hardware.

what crative software to install to 486DX2/Win311 ?

Postby ScoutPilot19 » 2017-10-13 @ 20:57

Hi, all ! Just installed a 8GB CF in a Digital Venturis 466 - 486DX2-66 with 20 mb if RAM and a 1mb VRAM Videocard. Instaled Dos 6.22, Windows 311, Photoshop 3.0, Corel Draw 5, 16 bit ACDsee... It loads even *modern* JPG's and TIFF's quite fast - from a CF ! Even to comparison to a PEntium1/IDE HDD/WIn9x machine...))

But what other software can be used in such a machine - like sound recorders, music, auidio players, editors, photo editors (other's than photoshop), 3d modelling software (if were any)... etc... Just to amaze myself and *modern people* on festivals, where I show my retrocomputers to the public )

maybe someone remembers and can name a few names of programs ?

P.S. For Dos I have DSS mp3 player... But I mean more WIn 311 soft...

P.P.S. Maybe I can install 36 megs of RAM in it or even more - as it has a 4 mb soldered on main-board and I have a whole shue-box of 72 pin simms with many kind of them )
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Re: what crative software to install to 486DX2/Win311 ?

Postby Jo22 » 2017-10-13 @ 21:59

Hi, a few programs are available here: http://win31.de/esoft.htm . :)

There's also a German blog of some dude.
Among other things, it's about DOS/Win31 and the 20th century.
Very interesting. Short English translation here.
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Re: what crative software to install to 486DX2/Win311 ?

Postby chinny22 » 2017-10-19 @ 15:09

How about office programs? Office 4.3 is the latest version for Win3x although MS Works, Lotus, Word Perfect were still popular back then.
Paint Shop Pro was my jpeg viewing software of choice back then
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