Gruffydd's Period-Correct Driver Search Thread

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Gruffydd's Period-Correct Driver Search Thread

Postby W Gruffydd » 2017-12-26 @ 01:34

I won't post them, unless I've genuinely tried to find them. I'll start with a blurb on what is and why I want it. The progress I've made will be listed as either Lead, File or Problem.

Diamond Monster Sound PCI (aka MX100)
One of the first PCI sound cards and progenitor of the mighty MX300. Looking for Windows 95 drivers from the year of its release, 1997. Why? It's for a 1997 build with period-correct hardware, firmware, and software.

Diamond Monster Sound Drivers [Wayback Archive, crawled February 11, 1998] // Driver version 1.05.16, 12/20/97
Taiwanese FTP // MS10516.EXE
I need a full to driver package from a previous year to use it!
  1. MS10516.EXE is upgrade-only; it requires an existing driver file to be installed. Confirmed by the readme on the FTP and my own installation attempts.
  2. MS10511.EXE, the nearest previous version on the FTP, is also upgrade-only.
  3. MS95101A.EXE, the earliest version on the FTP ("Release 1.01" of Monster Sound according to its readme), appears to an entire installation of DirectX (see Attachment 1). When searching for the driver, pointing Windows to any of the these unzipped folders yields no results.
Attachment 1 - MS95101A contents

edit: Solved!
Out of desperation, I tried MS95101B.EXE. It turns out that this file, also on the Taiwanese FTP but without a separate readme, contained the needed drivers (see Attachment 2).
Attachment 2 - A vs B
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Re: Gruffydd's Period-Correct Driver Search Thread

Postby W Gruffydd » 2017-12-30 @ 20:15

Abit LX6 (Intel 440LX) Motherboard

Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility - Archived Releases [Wayback Archive, crawled November 27, 1999] // Driver version PV, Production Release, June 18, 1998 (thanks darry) I need a driver from 1997!
  1. Wayback Archives all but confirm that Abit neither released LX chipset drivers nor hosted them on their website. Intel is the way to go.
  2. Intel lists drivers with lower version numbers that were released later. :blah:
  3. Release Notes from infinst_3302 readme suggest that the version I need is between 3.0 and 3.1:
    Code: Select all
    Version 1.0 is the initial release of Windows 95 Support for Intel

    Version 2.0 added support for 824403LX/EX components.

    Version 3.0 added the following:
       - support Intel 82433LX Pentium II Processor to AGP Controller
         for OSR2/OSR2.1 operating system
       - name string 82371AB changed to 82371AB/EB
       - [PCI_DRV_AddReg] components written to .INF file

    Version 3.1 added the following:
       - support for 440BX

    Version 3.2 added the follwoing:
       - name string change for LX/EX chipset

    Version added the following:
       - support for 440GX
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