Disney Magical Racing Tour Crash Fix

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Disney Magical Racing Tour Crash Fix

Postby Lo-ResBros » 2019-2-06 @ 04:00

This game works perfectly on my Windows 98 PC but my specs are a little too slow for the game so I’d like to play it on my Windows XP PC instead. Unfortunately the game crashes on launch no matter what compatibility mode I try. If I take the cd out, the game will launch, but crashes after selecting to start a new game. I found a update patch but that didn’t change anything. I’m using the original CD. Has anybody got this game to work in Windows XP?

I know this game is underated and not very well known, so the chances of finding a fix is slim, but thought I’d ask anyway. The game is actually a hidden gem of a racing game and one of my kids and I played through the dreamcast version. It would be great to beat it on PC with him

any help appreciated!
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