Windows 95 *actual* minimum system requirements?

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Re: Windows 95 *actual* minimum system requirements?

Postby GigAHerZ » 2019-3-12 @ 19:39

oeuvre wrote:
GigAHerZ wrote:I've run Windows 95 on 386SX 20MHz, 8MB ram and some random 512k videocard on a 99MB HDD.

It was awfully slow, but it worked.

So how big of a masochist are you?

I wanted a null-modem serial/parallel cable to be used to mount network drive from another computer and i didn't have any knowledge other than windows 95 did it. (Mounted a network drive over COM/LPT cable) This way i had all the games, that were in the pentium machine in the other room, at my fingertips. (Played them directly over the cable)
Norton Commander was also able to link 2 computers, but it basically only supported tranferring files.

It was maybe 20 years ago or so as a kid. We didn't have resources to have latest computers with NIC cards or anything like that. Completely self made serial and parallel cables and very old computers that were given away almost for free. (10€ max in today's money without counting inflation)

Good times... still remember how i played Warcraft 2 and Doom 2 over the serial cable and wondered, what difference does a "baud rate" do... :D (It always just worked...)

That 386 was kind of amazing pc. It pretty much did everything i threw at it, the question was only about the speed. (or lack of :D )
"640K ought to be enough for anybody." - And i intend to get every last bit out of it even after loading every damn driver!
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