RM (Research Machines) Net Server/Client Software (School Network)

Getting old software/games running on older hardware.

RM (Research Machines) Net Server/Client Software (School Network)

Postby foey » 2019-3-27 @ 09:53

Hi Guys,

I started senior school in the UK in 1995. I was fascinated by the school network at the time.
The School computers were made up with a mixture of old and new(er kit. All provided by RM (Research Machines) This is all from my memory...

RM Accelerator 486, 8mb RAM, Running Windows 3.11, 5 Library machines had a 2-4x CD-ROM which we used for Encarta 95

RM Nimbus 386, 4mb RAM, Running Windows 3.11, 1.44 Floppy drive - some of which had two 1.44 drives. These machines used to be terribly slow with Publisher, I remember a classroom full of 386s and 1 486 machine and everyone rushing to get the 486!

RM Numbus 286 - These were odd machines dotted around the science labs.

I left school in 2000 to go to college and they were still using the same PCs, some of the 386s had been replaced with the 486 machines but still had them. For my firends who stayed on, they upgraded to Pentium IIIs running Windows 2000.

Default Software

Windows 3.11 running RM Net (Logon)
Microsoft Word 6.0
Microsoft Excel 4.0
Microsoft Publisher 2.0
Corel Draw 3.0
QBasic, Some 3DMaze game written in QBasic or BBCBasic?
RM Branded profile file manager (We were restricted to 1mb I believe)
NetScape Navigator 3.0 (On Library PCs which had limited internet)
Some Religious studies game, like a RPG.
*Still trying to remember if there was any more software

RMNet / Networking
From what I understand and have been researching none of the machines had a physical hard drive? All of the data and OS image would come over the LAN via the T-base network connectors. The classic prank was unscrewing the terminator and watching the PC just die!

There is a Youtube channel devoted to the RM Nimbus and RMNet but it only covers the 186/DOS versions. There appears to be no 3.11 material on there https://www.youtube.com/user/netmgr

I'm after to see if there is anyway of re-creating the network, i.e. putting together a RMnet server (I have plenty of era based PCs to use) and hooking up some 486/386 client machines. Does anyone have any information on this subject at all?

RM Logon Screen
RMNet.PNG (3.08 KiB) Viewed 110 times
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Re: RM (Research Machines) Net Server/Client Software (School Network)

Postby Jo22 » 2019-3-29 @ 21:41

Hi, this is super interesting! :) I've read a bit about these Nimbus machines some time ago..
Not sure if this any helpful, but you may want to have a look at archive.org.
Last time I checked for old PC material, there was some stuff about these systems.
Anyway, good luck! And please continue to keep us up to date about that Windows software.
(Wasn't there pre-Windows 3.0 software for that platform, even ?!)
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