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Silver by Infogrames

Postby Nick_Arrow » 2019-4-01 @ 18:17


I installed the game Silver by Infogrames on my Pentium III 850 mhz that runs on Windows 98SE.
I have a Geforce2 MX 400 64 mb graphic card.
The game was installed fine and the intro movie plays without a problem. When I come to the start screen the screen
is all flickering and you can hardly see anything when I push "new game" the game crash.

What is the problem here? I know there was a problem running this game on Windows 7 but the game shouldn't crash on
Windows 98 right? Is it my graphic card that are not compatible? Can not find a compatibility list anywhere.

Anyone know how I should get the game to work?

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Re: Silver by Infogrames

Postby Garrett W » 2019-4-01 @ 21:57

Ha, this brings back memories. I have a soft spot for this game and it's one of those titles that was very picky and produced weird bugs like the one you're encountering. On faster CPUs such as 2GHz+ Pentium 4s it had a really odd timing bug with some sort of bell, it drove a lot of people insane I can tell you that much.

In any case, you're probably experiencing the GeForce bug, there was a fan-made patch for it from way back then. You can find it here:
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Re: Silver by Infogrames

Postby mikeyp » 2019-4-04 @ 21:42

Silver is a pig of a game to get working on anything other than period hardware. The good news is that GOG have it in some modern patched form and it works quite nicely on my modern desktop.

Re. yours, try a different graphics driver version. I also played on a Geforce2 MX 400 but it's not currently installed in my PII in favour of a s3 Virge and a Voodoo 1.
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