Triple or Duel Booting OS - Alternate Method

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Triple or Duel Booting OS - Alternate Method

Postby CMDLineKing » 2019-5-13 @ 05:42

Didn't see this anywhere, so figured I would share my work around.

I have a laptop I installed Win98 SE on, then WIN2000, then DOS7.1. DOS7 took over the Boot.INI Entry from WIN98. To allow me to still boot into WIN98 OR DOS I created a batch file and added it to AUTOEXEC.BAT. The batchfile just asks you to press Y to Boot to WIN98 or N to boot to DOS. This lets me keep the Boot.INI small and not have to have another partition. The nice part is that I could continue to install DOS Based OS systems and boot to them VIA this method as well. So basically creating a second menu for those OS's to launch from! Might add Win3.1 for giggles.

Anyway! Looking forward to poking around the community from time to time!
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