Inherit the Earth - No Speech

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Inherit the Earth - No Speech

Postby Lazar81 » 2019-5-15 @ 14:33

The title could be somewhat misleading. But in the past I struggled a lot with this game. Due to it is one of my absolute favorites it was necessary, that the soundcard I use will do it's job correctly. Then I went through half a year of failure, frustration and almost gave up on it. I tried several Soundblaster models - like vibra 16, awe32... I tried an aztech sound Galaxy NX pro... Nothing worked. Then I got a Soundblaster 16. This one was the first giving me music and Speech in Inherit the Earth.
It bothers me that I still not know what was the problem. I did research again and again. Maybe I was looking to the wrong side... I don't know... The question is: what does Inherit the Earth needs to playback music and Speech accurately. And what does the sb16 offers and the other cards don't. BTW: with aztech card I only got speech - no music. And I remember, that i got accurate sound playback when I played that game back in the nineties with an Avance Logic Soundcard.
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