HSC Player (iNSANE Player) by Orbital Crew

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HSC Player (iNSANE Player) by Orbital Crew

Postby F.H.OrbitalCrew » 2019-6-02 @ 09:27

This is a new player for HSC modules.
Supports AdLib and Sound Blaster cards.
Made with TPK framework. (language Assembly and Turbo Pascal).
For the retro people! Enjoy.

Code by F.Hussman (OrbitalCrew)

DOWNLOAD THE PLAYER: http://www.orbitalcrew.com/downloads/Se ... SCP098.zip
DOWNLOAD OTHERS HSC MODULE: http://www.orbitalcrew.com/downloads/Se ... CColl1.zip

The player works under pure DOS, Windows98 and DOSBOX.
Under the dosbox the oscilloscope is not displayed correctly.

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Re: HSC Player (iNSANE Player) by Orbital Crew

Postby Rawit » 2019-6-06 @ 07:04

Tried it on my pure DOS system, looks nice and plays well but seems to hang on exit.
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Re: HSC Player (iNSANE Player) by Orbital Crew

Postby keropi » 2019-6-06 @ 09:49

Great to see you here orbital thanks for sharing!
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