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Good evening, Vogons! I've been reminiscing about an old game I used to play long ago. Specifically, the game in question is Gex 3D, also known as Gex: Enter the Gecko.

And I have to wonder... is the PC version non-existent or something? eBay yields no search results for the PC version, and I can't seem to find a retail copy of it anywhere else.

Am I missing something?

(Also, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post a topic like this.)

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I've got a pirate (maybe stripped down?) version somewhere, so it DOES exist. AFAIR, it needed a Voodoo card.

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Gex 3D for PC was released by Ubi Soft (in Europe) and Crystal Dynamics (North America) so it should exist.

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@ RetroLizard - you have a PM.

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