Implmenting VESA on IBM XGA-1 on P75 with LCD Monitor

Getting old software/games running on older hardware.

Implmenting VESA on IBM XGA-1 on P75 with LCD Monitor

Postby uscleo » 2019-6-23 @ 01:21

Hi! I have been restoring a P75 and I have pretty much got it running so I have been trying to run some games on it. The P75 has a built in XGA-1 type card for graphics (drives both the internal VGA monochrome 16 shade plasma display, as well as the external VGA at 256 colors) which works well runnng Windows 95. Using the latest XGA drivers, I have been able to run Windows 95 at 16 bit color, but I have been running into problems with late-dos games.

In particular, it seems that the XGA-1 is not nativly VESA compliant, requiring the use of XGA212.exe - a file I found here The disk comes with some setup instructions on how to load drivers for XGA in config.sys and autoexec.bat, but the game I am trying to run still won't load, giving "no vesa driver found" errors. Then there is a folder in the XGA212 called Vesa and in there there are executibles which emulate vesa compatibility - running the game after running the program (called VGAVESA or soemthing similar) allows the game to load but the color palette is broken - greens show up as orange, etc - picture is fine, and so is resolution, but the color almost looks inverted. Anyone have any ideas on what to try?
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Re: Implmenting VESA on IBM XGA-1 on P75 with LCD Monitor

Postby Jo22 » 2019-6-30 @ 10:27

Not 100% sure, but wasn't there an issue with 15-Bit vs 16-Bit colour depth ? Or was it about VESA 1.2 vs VESA 2.x ? Sorry, can't recall. :(
Just vaguely remember that there was a tool that did hide some VESA features in order to make some DOS games happy.
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