Using Dos with FAT32 and DDO

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Using Dos with FAT32 and DDO

Postby GabrielKnight123 » 2019-7-06 @ 13:21

I was watching a video from Philscomputerlab about how to install DDO software (Dynamic Drive Overlay) and he made a single partition, I think a primary partition with FAT32 of 32GB and then he transferred Dos over on to it, he didnt install it like you would Dos 6.22 as we all know it wont install on FAT32, I could see in the video he had a Dos folder in the root of C: but what Dos version would this have been in the root of C:? The PC booted using Windows 98se type of Dos because of the Windows 98 logo at the start like it was from the Windows 98se boot disk when he formatted the partition but im wondering if instead of installing Dos 6.22 would just transferring work instead though it wont actually be Dos 6.22 it would just use the programs in the Dos folder and the Windows 98se boot side would be used to get FAT32 and to boot. I sort of know that Windows 98se boot disks use Dos 7 or something similar and correct me if im wrong might not be compatible with Dos 6.22 programs, would doing all this be good for Dos gaming and using Dos 6.22 programs as I dont know if Dos 7 will run all Dos 6.22 games.
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Re: Using Dos with FAT32 and DDO

Postby Jo22 » 2019-7-06 @ 14:27

Hi, I'm not sure what's your problem, but I believe DDOs were meant for DOS 6.x and that DOS 7.x was LBA-aware.

Sorry, I wasn't able to read the whole text, since my eyes got tired and so I lost track quickly. :depressed:
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Re: Using Dos with FAT32 and DDO

Postby Caluser2000 » 2019-7-06 @ 22:02

Just to get some background why do you need DDO? Does the systems Bios not support LBA at all? What is the spec of the system you are fitting the hard drive too?

Modern DDOs should be able to allocate a Fat32 partition fine. Some DDO software asks to put in a system disk as part of their preparation, others have licensed copies of Dos so they can install MSDos 7.1 onto hdds and will boot to the Dos prompt once finished without needing to go through the whole Dos multi-disk install process. Dos is really made up of only a few files, everything else are support files/utilities which can be in any directory you like. You can also add other files there as you see fit. There are a few dos files in the win9* CD d:>other/oldmsdos folder depending on the version. The FreeDos site is a good source of Dos utilities as well.

What I do in situations like this is use the CDU(China Dos Union)two floppy version MSDos 7.1 When that boots off the hdd you don't get the win9* logo at all and you are not adding the extra unneeded programs like MSDos 6.22 multi-disk installs, with the advantage of Fat32 support. It's available at You don't even need to use the second disk but its handy for the extra utilities.

Most Dos programs will be fine but there will be some that play up, even when using setver.

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