Multitracker and UltraTracker key required!

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I wanted to use UltraTracker for the process of writing music with support of 2 effect slots on one row and/or audio processing (I just don't have a DOS computer and an UltraSound so I use DOSBox).
However there is one problem, a keyfile for UltraTracker exists owned by someone else who uses UltraTracker in the past, not supported by MAS (the developer of the tracker), and is not shared online which is long lost nowadays. Since program is still shareware it is now impossible to obtain the full version via the normal purchase way.

So, if anyone has a keyfile for UltraTracker left over into one of your old floppy disks just send an attachment here then I and other people can now use UltraTracker freely without any issues (delayed splash startup)

And so does Multitracker, that one too needs a keyfile as well!