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Throttle Dos

Postby szczwanylisek » 2019-8-02 @ 23:11

Hi, I have a question about the throttle program.

from this site:

In general, the program works great. It slow down comupter correctly, does not hang, etc. I'm worried that when I use it, there is a squeaky squeak from the processor area. He is very quiet but annoying. How can I get rid of it?

My motherboard is: Luckystar 6lx2 and PII400 processor

Setmul only can disable l1 cache and its ok but my procesor work like a 286 without l1 and i want make it work like hmm 486dx in some games. I cant run Indiana Jones and fate of Atlantis :( sometimes its run, sometimes no. With throttle its run everytime but that sound from cpu area...

What can You advice me ?
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Re: Throttle Dos

Postby AvalonH » 2019-8-03 @ 09:04

I get the same noise with a MS-6156 motherboard. I disabled all fans in my setup (the system runs cool enough with passive heatsinks) and run the motherboard out of the case
When a throttle % setting is picked, pretty annoying coil noise comes from the motherboard mosfet area.
Disabling the L1 cache alone doesn't produce any noise.
With lots of fans in an enclosed case it would be a bit harder to hear this.
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Re: Throttle Dos

Postby Revolter » 2019-8-12 @ 00:34

I'm also getting the audible coil whine when engaging the soft-turbo function of a 430VX mobo FIC VT-501 (by hitting Ctrl-Alt-GreyPlus in DOS). Maybe this is how chipset throttling works - with throttle.exe or otherwise: unused power transforms into vibrations or something.
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