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Hi all,
This is my first post here, I apologize for any error I might make.

For years I've been looking for the granddaddy of rhythm games: Aerosmith Quest For Fame, dating back to 1995 and developed for Windows 3.1.
Here is the wikipedia page for it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quest_for_Fame .
I finally got my hands on a sealed copy, complete with the (in)famous Virtual Pick. That's basically a device meant to be tapped on a solid surface in order to follow the songs and necessary to actually play the game. It connects via the parallel port, something that made me scrap the idea of using emulation or virtual machines, as I don't have a physical parallel port and I highly doubt a Pci-E adapter would work properly.

This is why I dug up an old computer from the basement, got it running and tried to make the game work. No luck with Windows 98 SE, the installation was inevitably crashing.
I then downgraded to Windows 95 OSR2 and managed to successfully install the game and pass all the required sound and video tests.
Now, the game itself runs (almost) fine, despite some graphic issues, but the problem is that the Virtual Pick shows no signs of life whatsoever.

The PC I'm using has the following specs:
- AMD Duron 750
- 256 Mb ram
- Gigabyte GA-7ZMM motherboard (Via KM133, integrated Soundblaster PCI128, integrated S3 Savage3D: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-7ZMM-rev-1x#ov

Is anyone familiar with this game and that particular device?
Would it be possible to install Windows 3.1 on such a machine?
Should I try every possible setting for the parallel port in the BIOS?
Would I have more luck with an Intel based setup (i.e. 440BX chipset)?

Thank you very much for helping!

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Dunno if this will help, but past threads/posts (some are DOSBox related):

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Please don't post in them if their last reply is more than a few years old.

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Thanks for replying. I had missed the first one you linked, every other is actually Dosbox related and not helping much.

The archived website looks interesting but there doesn't seem to be anything about "Vpick not working at all"... 🙁
To be honest, I can't find any kind of test for Vpick in the game itself so I'm at a loss here.

I'm guessing it has to be something IRQ related, I just wish I had a clue about where to start.