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If I want to play road rash over the network under Windows 95OSR2.5 then he throws me back to the desktop after choosing a driver in Mano A Mano mode. It does not matter whether I choose TCP / IP or IPX / SPX. If I install Windows 98SE on this PC it will work. Who can tell me why Road rash does not work under Windows 95?

This is in my PC

Processor: Pentium 3 600mhz cache 512KB
Moederbord: Asus P2B
Videokaart: Nvidia GeForce Ti 4400
Memory: 384MB
Geluidskaart: Creative Soundblaster Live 1024
Netwerkaart: Realtek RTL8139D

Other Games such as Anno 1602 or Red Alert work great under Windows 95 via the Network on this PC with both TCP / IP and IPX / SPX.