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I've noticed an issue that I think may be caused by using period incorrect hardware (geforce 4 ti 4800se/asrock 775i65g) with Windows 98. Games that have a software mode such as POD and Glover don't seem to play nice with my setup. Of course, I could just use direct 3d, but I think software modes in games can be pretty interesting (I really like how POD in software looks), and since I have a very out of spec cpu (pentium e5800), performance should be adequate.

POD gives a direct draw error: ipDD::SetDisplayMode->DDERR_INVALIDMODE and Glover just crashes. I use 45.23 drivers with Direct X7 installed for other games that need it.

Since Direct Draw is just apart of DirectX, is this an issue with the games not implementing their software mode correctly, or is it something on Nvidia's end? It seems like the hardware accelerated modes should be the difficult modes to run and software used as the fail safe, not the other way around. Or is it some other issue?

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Mabye resolution and/or color depth not supported?

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