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After a few minutes into a regular installation of tongue of the fatman, the game is freezing then I have to reset , when I run it in dos. It seems to be working fine in win 3.1 but I need to use dos to run it through game wizard 32, this is my purpose here. I also installed tongue from the original disks.

When I installed the enhanced version with added sound effects and graphics it also froze in dos. When I ran it in windows it says :

"DMA buffer is too small. Set"DMABUFFERSIZE =023" in SYSTEM.INI in the (386Enh) section. Quit all apps and windows and restart your computer"

I went to 386 enh in win 3.1 settings and couldn't find any place to adjust the dmabuffersize. Heard system.ini adjustments can be risky as well, and not sure if this will solve it running from dos without freezing in any case.

No of this matters as I need to run his through dos, as game wizard cannot work through win 3.1

What should I do to make any version of this game run properly in dos?

I attached a pic of my autoexec.bat. Any other pics or info you guys need?


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Note that this forum is for DOS games on *modern* systems. You should ask old hardware and driver/configuration questions in Marvin, the Paranoid Android

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