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version 1.06 of DOS quake from september 30, 1996 was the last version to have a proper changelog, but in march/february 1997 came 1.07 and 1.08, which were just released as replacement quake.exe files on id software's FTP server. apart from supporting the official mission packs and some "various undocumented fixes", curiously i haven't been able to find anywhere a proper changelog of what these changes were. some observations i have made after recent testing:

- most interestingly, performance is substantially improved, 33.7 FPS (1.06) vs. 36 FPS (1.08) in 320x200 demo1 (p133, 430FX, matrox millennium). didn't expect this at all from such a late patch released without much fanfare and this improvement is actually noticeable ingame. subjectively, especially areas with simple geometry seem to run much faster on 1.08.

- sound attenuation has been changed, sounds further away sound much quieter now.

- the menu has a black grid background now instead of the yellowish hue on 1.06.

interested to know what the other changes were, especially if the disappearing rune glitch (upon reloading levels upon death, instead of reloading save) has been fixed.

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Some of these changes were already happening in early WinQuake development. The menu tint change is understandable when doing the tint in a DirectDraw exclusive mode was slow with video access.

Also 1.07 adds a crash when trying to initialize sound blaster without a sound card. 😀

Probably the most obscure new feature in 1.07 are the lcd_* cvars (lcd_yaw and lcd_x), no doubt an early sign of Carmacks' VR interests...

by the way, DOSBox is not for running Windows 9x