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I have tried to install DOS 6.22 from two different sets of floppy images, the installation goes through OK but when I try to boot to DOS I get the following message after which computer halts --> "adpGeforce Boot Loader V2"

What the heck is this?

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Are you able to boot to DOS from the first DOS installation floppy ?

If so,
a) Make sure the partition you want to boot from is set to active in FDISK
b) Try running fdisk /mbr

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Parni wrote on 2020-06-21, 16:40:

Wow!! It worked! Thanks mate 😀 just out of curiosity what is this Geforce all about? (Refers to Nvidia?) 😁

I truly have no idea. It is probably a leftover from your hard drive's previous life .

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digicube wrote on 2021-02-01, 23:30:

I got this too from a CF card bought on ebay. I guess if I wipe the CF card beforehand, I could have avoided this problem.

Partitioning, formatting and fdisk /mbr should be enough . A full wipe wastes a full drive's worth of flash memory endurance needlessly, in my opinion .

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At some point, nvidia also made chipsets (nforce 4 etc)..
Could be some sort of boot loader that was used to allow restoring stuff from a hidden backup partition (was used for running a recovery tool maybe).
Anyway, these are just ideas.. 🙂

Edit: Next time, you can also wipe track 0, too.
There are several tools, includind S0Kill: Re: IDE to Compact Flash as MS-DOS boot drive.

Fdisk /mbr behaves differently in DOS 6.x/7.x, so it might be not up to the task in some cases.

"People often recommend the undocumented DOS command FDISK /MBR to solve problems with the MBR.
This command however does not rewrite the entire MBR - it just rewrites the boot code,
the first 446 bytes of the MBR, but leaves the 64-byte partition information alone.
Thus, it won't help when the partition table has problems."

Source : https://www.win.tue.nl/~aeb/partitions/partit … es-2.html#ss2.7

Re: Problems with DOMs

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