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I've got a Pentium 1 based PC with a PowerVR PCX2 card.
People keep telling my that the performance of the PowerVR PCX2 is highly dependend on the FPU performace of the CPU.
I tried it with different HW settings but honestly felt not much difference.

But "felt" istn't good enough and so I want to run some benchmarks on the system using ...
a) an IDT Winchip W2a 200MHz (presumably weak FPU)
b) a Intel Pentium MMX 200MHz (probably better FPU)

The question is now what benchmarks to run to produce significant results with reasonable effort...

  • I will run Tomb Raider 1 as it is adapted to the PoverVR PCX2 of the matrox m3D - is there a Tool/Script or a built in benchmark?
  • and 3DMark 99Max as synthetic benchmark (if it works with Win95)
  • Unreal or Quake2 were also recommended - I've got the original Versions but I never used them for benchmarking - is ther a Tool/Script or a built in benchmark?

As I never was much in benchmarking - except from the occasioal 3DMark - and have no clue how to use games for that purpose ...
I know that some games have a built in benchmark mode but never used it.

Any hints for running unreal/Quake2 and TR1 as benchmark will be welcome ...

PC #1: AMD 486DX2-80/UMC 8881/16MB SIMM/S3 Trio64V+/1.44/1GB HDD/ODD/DOS+Win3.1
PC #2: IDT W2A-200/SIS 5571/128MB SD/Millenium II+m3d/2.88+1.2 FDD/1GB HDD/ODD/Win95
PC #3: AthlonXP 3200+/nForce2-400/2GB-400 DDR1/9800Pro/ZIP 750/200GB HDD/ODD/WIN XP SP3

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Final Reality may work better than 3DMark99 here. FR's got some considerations for PCX2 so stuff 'blends' 'correctly'. 3DMark99's designed for 1999's stuff which long deprecated the generation-of-the-lacking-in-blending-functions of 3d hardware.

Unreal is a VERY hungry CPU eater and will show a difference anyway regardless of card. PCX2's FPU reliance hits hard on even Jedi Knight...