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rmay635703 wrote on 2020-07-26, 17:59:

Do you have downgrade rights with any more modern operating systems?

Ahh, time to pull out this bit of completely useless knowledge I discovered awhile back when looking into Windows Server 2019 licensing. Apparently if you're in the volume licensing program you have downgrade rights from Windows 10 all the way back to Windows 95 and NT 3.51.

Page 4: https://download.microsoft.com/download/6/8/9 … rade_rights.pdf

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I dont know about old copies of Windows, but last year, around December, the agency where I work had closed a deal with Microsoft as a partner in education (I don’t have the details) but basically, we had to be running legal copies of Windows 10 and Office apps if we were to use them, so one of us had to run through all the Dell computers to check, clean and install legal copies on them.

The computer on my office wasn’t checked out. I’ll let you guess why. Here’s a tip: It wasn’t a Dell.

Now, seriously speaking, the person who mentioned about Norton Commander is the reason why I remembered this story. I actually think that there is a good reason to believe that you can be at risk in your workplace if you were caught using illegal or pirated operating systems and/or applications.

Although I was using a Mac, my version of Coda wasn’t exactly legal; so while my friends at work had their Dell computers checked, I also received a note from my boss to check for legit apps on that Mac, be it from MS or not, so I did pay for a legit copy of Coda, after a quick (and honest) negotiation with their developers, because the price they were charging for it was five times more expensive for brazilian customers than americans due to the exchange rate (1 USD = approx. 5 BRL). They understood me and much to my surprise, kindly gave me a discount of 75% on it. I was a fan of their product before, but after that, I was thrilled to be using it. Even though they will not update Coda and instead develop Nova as their successor. I also got an invite into their beta test program for Nova.

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