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I have a Pentium III machine with a Riva TNT2 Ultra that works alright with Windows 98SE. It doesn't give me many headaches, except for the fact that while playing Dungeon Keeper 2 every time there's a resolution switch (going to the menu, watching a cutscene), there's a high chance that I'll get the Windows mouse cursor in the very center of the screen, on top of whatever is going on. It goes away after a while, but ideally I would have it not appear at all.

I'm not sure how to deal with this. It only happens with Dungeon Keeper 2, other games I play in this computer show no issues. I was thinking that maybe there's some sort of cursor hiding tool that I could launch before playing the game, but I don't know of any and searching on Google only gives me XP or later results, while searching on the forums show problems with the mouse appearing in DOSBox and little else. I've searched places like Vetusware and found nothing there either.

Any suggestions?

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I would start with testing out newer/older versions of DirectX that are still going to work with the game and your hardware. The next thing would be to use USB instead of PS/2 or vice versa to see if that changes anything. Unplug any joysticks if they're plugged in.

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