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Title says it all. I have a range of machines from the mid 90's that I'd like to try to get playing online games. Two representative examples are:

Pentium MMX/233
S3 Trio64V+
Considering getting a Voodoo card for it
DOS + Windows 3.1 + Windows 95

Pentium III/800
nVidia Geforce 4 MX 440
Windows 98SE

Both are connected to the Internet on all OS's.

What would be really cool is if there was an MMO or something that I could play on the Windows 95 machine... not sure if anything is/was out there that is simple enough to work with an MMX/233 and Voodoo.

I'm rather ignorant as to what's out there other than what I can find just searching around: various Quake games or Quake-based games, Unreal Tournament, etc... these are all deathmatch games and not really MMOs.

Anything that is more than just shooting the other guys until you win? Any free / open source project games that aren't bogged down with huge graphics requirements?

I flermmed the plootash just like you asked.

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I think the closest thing you'll find to an MMO from that era is probably Diablo 2. You can set up a private server (or just use someone else's) but it's still pretty monotonous compared to today's "shared world" games.

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Not sure if Project 1999 for Everquest would work on an old W98 setup or any Ultima Online servers compatible with old enough clients. Allegiance might still work/be active?

Subspace Continuum should still be active and work on Win9x though?

PSOPC / PSO Blue Burst MIGHT work on the Geforce4 rig? There's certainly plenty of servers/patched clients for that. 😀

As for open source stuff, I tried to make a list about it. Many later versions fail on Win9x because GCC and/or SDL2 said so and MinGW tries their best to obfuscate obtaining 4.7.2/4.9 easily to resolve that..

(There's a lot of ?'s in this post as online gaming with Win9x is something I haven't done in over a decade and i've never explored third-party servers and I don't want to answer with the obvious list of old fps games)