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I’m trying MoSlo for the first time and am having a problem where after I execute the following command:

C:\moslo\moslo c:\donkey.exe

I see a screen that says:

Mo’Slo version 1.5.1

Emulation speed is 05.30

And then the screen goes blank and all I see is white underscore line blinking in the top left corner of the screen while the whole screen is black.

It then hangs there indefinitely. CTRL, ALT, DEL doesn’t work and I have to hard reset.

I’m using 386DX/33 with 64kb cache and 8MB RAM, MS-DOS 6.22. Autoexec and configsys are empty.

I also tried turning Turbo off, but same results.

I also tried using the /M2 switch, but same results.

I also tried using it on Landmark 6.0 app, but same results.

Donkey.exe is for the game Donkey Kong

Any advice how to overcome this?

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