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Hi all,

Been trying to run Gabriel Knight 1 with an Audigy 2 ZS under Windows 98 DOS mode and General Midi music. Problem is that the game is extremely slow.

Selecting Sound Blaster for music works fine, but I'd like the General Midi music. Having only General Midi and no sound also doesn't fix it.

I'm running the CD version with the official 1.0a update as well as the unofficial timer updates. Problem also when starting the game under Windows 98.

Other games like Nemesis (1997) or Lands of Lore (1993) do not exhibit this issue. What I've tried so far is freeing up more memory, disabling emm386 and smart drive and using a different mouse driver. Also tried enabling bios shadowing and VGA shadowing.

Any ideas?

Athlon xp 2500+ (or something, could be a 2700)
512 MB DDR
Sound blaster audigy 2 ZS with the unofficial audigy DOS patch
3dfx voodoo 5 5500 agp