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So I own the original CDROM from my childhood and it’s I would say mildly scratched. At first I thought that was the source of my issues, but now I am less convinced. With my cd copy on the initial install it crashes after the initial testing video and then runs ok after except I can’t run the dark side campaign, only light side. Dark crashes.

I can’t find a replacement ISO online except an Italian version. Here is the strange part, the Italian version gets past the test video, but still crashes on the dark side campaign! The light side runs ok on the downloads Italian version and my own cd copy. Both times were tested with the 1.3 patch.

I can try to try both unpatched next. Any other ideas?

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I just reinstalled on my Pentium 90, I'm running DOS 7.0, and I'm able to start both Light and Dark Campaigns without issue. I also have no crashes during the Graphics test...Maybe sound card related? Try to run without any sound. Otherwise maybe try a software VESA solution, I don't know if any of that will help, but it's all I can offer.