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Usually i try to collect games that does not require steam. I personally think that HL2 is important title for shooters fan but... i cannot find any information about that. Ebay and similar sites are just flooded by worthless steam-version boxes, but there is some early editions, which publisher was a "vivendi". These edition has any information about steam or required internet connection (pic rel). Has someone confirm that no-steam retail version 0f Half Life 2 even exist?


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Never has been. *astronaut points gun*

I got it at launch, it's a Steam installer with encrypted cache (to prevent Gamer STORES from breaking street dates and 0day piracy) and DirectX9. That's exactly what you get on those paper sleeved discs, and this is that mythical "early edition Vivendi" release and it doesn't get any earlier than this November 2004 retail release. (unless you've got a super fast internet connection pre-ordering through Steam and downloading/unlocking it faster than a optical drive assuming you're in before the launch hammering)

That blurred orange card in the photo informs you of the Steam requirements, and the requirements on the box bottom also state "Internet Connection Required" as a minimum for that. Consider that WON closed for Half-Life in April 2004 and HL2 ships CSS with it, of course they're not going to make use of dead online services for their new game and use their own new Steam one they've had Condition Zero released on already. (the steam requirements of which led to the first mass of "FACK STEAM!! STEMING PILE'S OOF SHIT !" gifs)

(where's these recent, crazy "early retail hl2 not steam" claims coming from anyway?)


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dulu wrote on 2020-10-08, 21:03:

Has someone confirm that no-steam retail version 0f Half Life 2 even exist?

In short no, but;
If you google up "Halflife 2 build 2153" or "2187" you'll find versions were people have switched the SecuROM hl2.exe with the .exe from the modern DRM free steam release.
It's older versions like these that speedrunners use as they contain the old exploits for speeeed!
(plus they work on Win98SE for me without the need for anything like KernelEx.)