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Has anyone had any luck getting this to work on real hardware? I've got a P133 with a genuine MT-32 connected to a PCMIDI card but selecting "Roland" for music in the installation program causes the game simply to freeze at the first "Mindscape" screen.

I've tried disabling my caches to bring the system roughly to 386-40 speed but I just can't get it to work. Every other game I've tried works fine!

I've verified that the game works fine if I set music to Soundblaster.

[EDIT] Resolved! I was actually able to free up IRQ2/9 in my BIOS and set the PCMIDI card to IRQ 2, and now MC2 works fine with MT-32 music and SB sound effects. I guess this is one of the few games that REQUIRES IRQ2/Port330 for MT-32.